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DESHI CHEM was founded in 2002, and has a strong track record of supplying a wide range of specialty chemicals to the oilfield, working with our customers to help optimize formulations based on the situation. DESHI CHEM's products are known in the industry for consistent product quality. Our experience and innovation enable us to quickly develop customer-made products based on your specifications and performance requirements.

What We Do

Emulsion breaking is one of the most complex and situational steps in the oil production process for meeting production target, adhering to commercial crude oil specifications and yielding cleaner produced water for discharge or reinjection. A demulsifier is a complex formulation of ingredients to meet a well’s specific needs. Determining the most effective solution to separating emulsions is one of the most difficult projects a service company faces. DESHI CHEM's range of demulsifiers is designed to treat the wide variety of emulsion and desalting problems experienced in oil production and refinery operations. Careful selection and blending of the intermediates is essential to the success and cost effectiveness of the emulsion breaking operation. On-site testing of the fresh emulsion is recommended in determining the best formula, dosage rate and injection point within the system to achieve the desired effect. Customers can count on DESHI CHEM's crude oil demulsifier, or emulsion breaker, to help produce the most cost-effective solutions possible.

Highlights of Performance

Rapid water drop and dehydration of crude oil - Quickly reduce water-in-oil level to 0.2-0.5 percent

Clear oil/water interface -  Provide sharper interface between the two phases for easier separation

High performance in heavy oil - Address problems arising from high viscosity High efficiency at low temperature - Reduce oil heating cost

Cleaner produced water—Reduce oil-in-water levels for easy discharge or reinjection of water

DESHI CHEM also offers other oilfield chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biocides, defoamers, pour point depressants, drag reducing agents, viscosity breakers and EOR chemicals.

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