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  • 产品名称: High-Effective Polymers Fluid Agent
  • 产品编号: f2
  • 上架时间: 2014-06-13
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1. Modified polypropylene complex

2. Improve the polymer, joint with function of inhibit clay expansion, such as the branch of metal ions

3. Improve the molecular weight to enhance capability of reducing viscositycutting and fluid loss.



1. This agent has the good advantages of excellent thermal stability and high capability of anti-high temperature, the highest against temperature is 1400.

2. It’s the new product of polypropylene. It has the specific capability of resistance for calcium salt pollution.

3. It has the good ability of fluid loss and has the better property than salt of propylene acid and polymer of cellulose, especially the high-pressure fluid loss.

4. The treated mud has the excellent rheological property.

5. It has the definite capability to inhibit the hydration and dispersion, and has the ability of preventing of collapse.

6. It has the light of capability of reduce fluid loss and enhance viscosity in fresh water. And also it has the same effect in brine.




Free flow powders and particles

weight of screen residue%


Baking loss, %


Ignition residue, %





Fresh water drilling liquid

Brine drilling liquid

Base paste

weight of screen residueml



apparent viscosity




The base paste treated by FST-518

3g /L

weight of screen residue ml



Apparent viscosity mpa•s



The base paste treated by FST-518

15g /L

weight of screen residue ml



Apparent viscosity, mpa•s




Application Method
Suggested concertration is 0.5% to 1% in fresh fluid and 1.5-2% in salty fluid.