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CNS Technology

In order to overcome the challenges of high injection pressure, low steam sweep area and poor oil displacing efficiency during steam stimulation, DESHI GROUP developed CNS technology to increase the recovery factor of heavy crude oil reservoir. The technology includes three key factors, chemicals (C), nitrogen gas (N) and steam (S).


Advantages of DESHI’s CNS Technology:

1.DESHI GROUP is capable to design complete thermal EOR solutions based on the conditions of individual reservoirs. The company is also experienced in surface construction and filed implementation.

2.DESHI’s thermal EOR team is equipped with 15 sets of sub-critical steam generator and 6 sets of wet nitrogen producers.

3.DESHI CHEM has strong chemical development and production background which will greatly enhance in the implementation of the CNS technology.




Factors of CNS Technology:

1. C -- High Temperature Chemicals

High temperature oil displacement agent:
Reduces water/oil and oil/salt interfacial tensions, improves the efficiency of oil washing;


Oil-soluble viscosity reducer:
High dispersion and viscosity reduction effect, reduces the crude oil viscosity by 90%, greatly increase the flow properties of heavy oil;


High-temperature foaming agent:
Adjusts steam injection profile and increases sweep efficiency for high heterogeneity reservoirs;


High temperature anti-swelling agent:
prevents the expansion of water-sensitive clay formation, dispersion and migration, reduces start pressure of steam injection.


2. N -- Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen gas has the properties of high compression coefficient, strong expansion capability, good flexibility and it is an ideal media for oil lifting and flow enhancing. Combined with foaming agent, it can adjust the steam injection profile. The company’s nitrogen equipments use advanced membrane separation technology, which has advantages of low price, convenient construction and simple operation.

3. S -- Steam

Heavy crude oil viscosity is highly sensitive to temperature increase. Steam can significantly reduce the viscosity of heavy oil and improve the flow conditions.