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  • 产品名称: Reservoir Protecting Agent
  • 产品编号: st1
  • 上架时间: 2014-06-13
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This product is a new type of oil-gas formation protective agent for drilling fluid, developed depending on the new theory of protecting oil-gas formation about drilling fluid. Its appearance is liquid.


(1)  Main ingredient: water activity controlling agent, rock surface intermediate wet controlling agent, binder, special potentiating flowback agent and microcapsule agent.

(2)  Mechanism of action: by controlling water activity of drilling fluid and active balance of formation water, it improves the wettability of rock pore surface in reservoir, reduces interfacial tension between drilling fluid and reservoir or between drilling fluid and formation natural gas, make high flowback efficiency of in-place oil and natural gas. Meanwhile, it is useful for gasification of drilling fluids filtrate and useful for water-lock removal and releasing from Jamin effect, protect from the damage of water sensitivity in reservoir.

(3)  Main character: this product has no poison, no pollution and no fluorescence. It have good compatibility with other drilling fluid additives and drilling fluids and have no influence on the performance of drilling fluid, without sparkle and thickening. It can be suitable widely for all kinds of water base drilling fluid.




• This product has good compatibility with other drilling mud additives and drilling muds system, has no influence on the performance of drilling muds

• Without sparkle and thickening, while used in drilling mud

• It can be suitable widely for all kinds of water base drilling mud


Technical Specifications




Freely flowing liquid

PH value


Relative expansion ratio


Effect of oil-gas protection



Usage and Dosage 

• The product can be added directly to any water-base drilling fluid.

• The dosage  is 2.0%~3.0% ordinarily.


Package and Storage

•The product is packed in 50kg, 100kg or 200kg  plastic barrel or iron barrel.

•The product should not be exposed to the sun, against leakage and breakage of package. Its guarantee period is one year.