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2  EOR Surfactants and Polymers

In all the chemical flooding solutions, the most important component is the surfactant. DESHI CHEM is a leading company in supplying the most appropriate surfactants for chemical EOR solutions including Alkali Surfactant Polymer flooding (ASP), Low Alkali Surfactant Polymer flooding (LASP), Surfactant Polymer flooding (SP), CO2 flooding, and thermal heavy oil recovery.

DESHI CHEM has built a surfactants library of more than 1000 formulations of products. The company now provides complementary surfactants polymer screening services to any oilfield that intends to implement chemical flooding.


The surfactants have been injected to three on-shore oilfields and one off-shore pilot project in China. The advantages of DESHI CHEM surfactants include:

üUltra-low surface tension under low concentration (<0.6%), 10­-3 mN/M

üHighly stable and compatible with polymers and formation water

üGood resistance to high temperature and high salinity reservoir

üLow adsorption surfactants for SP flooding

üCustomized surfactants as per project requirement

üExtensive experience in surfactants screening


Other than surfactants, polymers are also very important in all the chemical flooding solutions. DESHI CHEM does not produce polymers and we have three strategic polymer suppliers in China. Based on the exact requirement of every project, the most appropriate and economic polymers are always selected.