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  • 产品名称: Oil/Water/Gas 3 Phase Separator
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  • 上架时间: 2014-06-13
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Oil/Water/Gas 3 Phase Separator

Ensuring efficient, cost-effective separation of gas, oil and water, DESHI developed 3 phase separators. The separators are available in sizes and configurations that suit different application specifics.

The mixture of oil, gas and water enters the pre-degassing chamber in high speed, under the hydro cyclone separation and the action of gravity, large amount of accompanying gas with crude oil can be dissolved out.

After the pre-degassing, the mixture of oil and water enters the distributor and the washing chamber in high speed through draft tubes and is washed and demulsified in active water zone containing demulsifier.

Flow stabilization is maintained to reduce the Reynolds number of the coming fluid. The degassed crude oil enters the oil chamber over dummy plate and is measured through flow meter. The aqueous phase enters the water chamber through pipes and by pressure balance to achieve the goal of separating oil, gas and water.

Major Technical Advantages:

The liquid cyclone separation technology is used for vapor-liquid separation, increasing the liquid flow volume and improving the efficiency of the separator.

Active water washing process is applied to enhance the emulsion breaking process.

Enhanced coalescence materials are use to maintain steady liquid low in the separator.

The oil-water interface is well stabilized to keep continuous operation.