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 EOR Field Implementation and Monitoring

DESHI is fully experienced in the field implementation and monitoring of ASP/SP EOR projects. DESHI is operating two SP projects in SHENGLI oilfield from 2009 till present.

Stages of chemical EOR field implementation:

1.Reservoir preparation and modification
In order to improve the efficiency and balance the affected area of the EOR fluid, the large channels of the reservoir has to be modified before injection.


2.Full injection progress planning
Based on the facts of every different project, an optimized injection plan has to be decided to keep the balance of injection and production.


3.Biocide injection
Biocide injection is required before EOR fluid injection


4.First and Second segment blocking with polymers


5.ASP/SP fluid injection and monitoring
Monitoring is a very important part of all EOR projects. Detail indicators from both injection wells and production wells shall be recorded daily.