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  • 产品名称: Basic Zinc Carbonate
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  • 上架时间: 2014-06-13
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Formula: ZnCO3·2Zn(OH)2·H20
Molecular weight: 342.19

This product is white amorphous powder, odorless and tasteless. It is insoluble in water or alcohol, slightly soluble in ammonia. It can dissolve in dilute acid and sodium hydroxide. The basic zinc carbonate reaction with 30% H2O2, releasing CO2 and formation of oxides. In 250-500 ℃ at different times heated, cooled to room temperature fluorescence phenomenon.





White powder

Content (Zn)


Loss on ignition


Heavy metals (Pb) content, %


Water (H2O) content, %


Sulfate(SO42-) content, %


Fineness (through 75um mesh), %


Standard: HG/T2523-93

Used as inhibitor for the desulphurization agent, with H2S gas wells, light astringent.

Package and Storage
25kg in plastic drum, woven bag or confirmed by clients. Stored in cool, shady and dry place for 48 months.

Safety Protection
Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes. Once contacted, flush with water. Keep away from fire.