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  • 产品名称: Non-Invasive Treatment Agent
  • 产品编号: st2
  • 上架时间: 2014-07-17
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LHYB-2 is made from plant fiber, partial water dissolving and partial oil dissolving organic-polymer and non-dissolving metal oxide with careful processing. Its mechanism is based on special polymer forming concentration micelle and polymer micelle or micelle gel particles interface suction and its deformability, sealing pore throat in a wide boundary, forming compact non-invasion sealing membrane, effectively sealing permeability formation and micro-fissure clay formation, reducing dynamic filtration and stabili



• Could be applied to various water based drilling fluids and oil drilling fluids in favor of formation protection.

• Non-toxic, non-pollution.


Technical Specifications




yellowy powder

Moisture content


Sand-bed filtration of fresh water mud

0 mL

Sand-bed filtration of brine mud

0 mL








Usage and Dosage

• The product can be used alone or combined with other additives.

• The dosage is 1.0%~1.5%.


Package and Storage

• The product is packaged in three-in-one plastic enhanced brown paper bag, with PE bag inside. Its net weight is (25±0.5)kg.

• The product should be against moisture and breakage of package. Its guarantee period is two years.