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Polyacrylamide(PAM) is one of the multifunctional oilfield chemicals, and widely used as oil-displacement agent, water-plugging regulator, well-drilling regulator and fracturing fluid additive in oil recovery, especially in well cementation, well completion and remedial well treatment.


Petroleum industry is the largest market of PAM in China. The technology of PAM promotes the development of petroleum in this sense, while the demand of petroleum stimulates the technology of PAM and other polymer industry.


Well treatments

PAM can be used as mud retarder, mud drag reducer, mud filtrate reducer or mud plugging agent for serious leakage in well cementation to decrease operation difficulty and prevent accidents. And in well completion and remedial well treatment, PAM can be used as filtrate reducer, viscosity increaser or clay stabilizer to solve relative problems.


Oil-displacement agent

PAM is capable to adjust the mobility of injection water in EOR to increase the viscosity of flooding liquid, increase swept efficiency of the water flooding and reduce permeability of water phase to make the oil and water flow forward at similar speed.


PAM solution is injected between injection of ultra interfacial tension-micro emulsions compounded with surfactants and additives and injection of water. Water flows as a plunger to displace the remaining oil in pore to enhance oil recovery.


The mass fraction of the PAM for EOR is between 10% to 50%, and the relative molecular weight is from high ten thousands to low ten millions.


Water-plugging regulator

Due to the anisootropism of layers, water leaching often happens in oilfield. Water plugging is regulating the flow condition of water to reduce the water production volume, keep the reservoir energy and enhance the oil recovery.


A water-plugging regulator, PAM has a strong selectivity of infiltrability for both water and oil. It can reduce the infiltrability of oil as high as 10%, while 90% for the water.


Well-drilling regulator

PAM solution can regulate the rheology behavior of well drilling, clean rock debris, lubricate drill and reduce the liquid lost. The density of drilling mud compounded by PAM solution is very low, so the drilling mud can reduce pressure and plugging to the hydrocarbon reservoir to improve drilling, as a result, the drilling rate is 19% higher than that of normal mud, and 45% higher than the rate of penetration. Besides, drill pipe sticking, equipment wear, well leakage and well collapse can be prevented by using PAM.


Fracturing fluid additive

Fracturing is one of the most important methods for compact layer development. PAM is widely used for its high and stable viscosity, low frictional resistance, low filtration property, low slag-remaining, low cost, convenient compounding and large supply support.